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Track 12 - Archival recording: Emilie Kõiv (74 a.v/Yo), Põlva 1966.During the next year, the video blog "100 Bagpipes" is publishing 100 videos where well-known Estonians are trying to play the Estonian bagpipe for the very first time.Indrek Vaheoja describes, "When I held the bagpipe for the first time, I was slightly concerned about what would happen if I failed to get a sound out of it on a live show and fell into utter disgrace in front of the whole of Estonia.Fortunately, that wasn't the case – I managed to get the instrument going and my mood improved immensely. Track 1 - Archival recording: Liisa Kümmel (1888-1964), Tori 1961. Archive recordings are from Estonian Folklore Archives of the Estonian Literary Museum.Track 10 - Text: Kadri Tapner (71 a.v/Yo), Püssi 1934.

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