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After making sure you've hit all the salient points (never once going to the route of "ure so sexy", you don't want to be a creep online), you send off the message and wait for a reply. Would like to get to know you better." Just because we're online doesn't mean we want guys to be all on top of us. You politely explain that you're sorry if you've sent her the same message again, but you weren't sure if the last message got through. I know it's a strangers word to take on face value, and that many would judge me and assume I must be some awful individual, one of those fake "nice guys".This happens to soooooo many people, I hope you don't take it too personally.

I tried okcupid, pof, and eharmony with very little luck. I'll give it a go when I move to a larger city in a little while, but I'm skeptical that the experience there will be any different. I won't take it personally if it sucks there too, not any more.whoa, I felt the same way using dating sites- but I asked many girls about their experience on these same sites, and they truly do get bombarded by messages, just so you know. Try having tattoo's and piercings, its not only makes it triple times more difficult but you might (I have) gotten responses from women to the extent of "WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY PROFILE? Then I think, maybe going out to a bar or club and trying to be more social would be a benefit for me, but then I just wallow in my sorrow and just watch netflix.... After some time without getting a single reply, you begin to wonder if you're being too picky. Many of them you don't see anything like a deep connection. And each time you've read their profiles, understood where you may have similarities, talked about them more. One was with someone who immediately said they didn't want to see me again after the first date, another was with someone who stopped even speaking to me after a few dates, and the last was so neurotic it was clear I was there as a comfort blanket and nothing more. But deep down it gnaws at you, even if you don't realise. In that time I've been on a total of three dates.You go through the whole rigmarole, taking time to get pictures of yourself you feel are the most flattering, filling out each of the sections with as much detail and as honestly as possible. That may sound egotistical, but it's something I do try to follow through with.With it all done, you start looking for people to contact. You leave it, since you don't want to swamp her with messages. Just because I'm miserable doesn't excuse me from treating others like shit. The best is when the girls put "please don't just send me 'hey' or 'what's up.' Put some effort into it." So you spend way more time on your message than you really need to trying to set yourself apart.

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