Ron ng and kate tsui dating

I do not condone rape in real life whatsoever, but personally, I have no problems with showing rape scenes on TV.

Murder is just as bad and wrong, yet we see it all the time in detective and lawyer shows. Besides, how much do we really see from TVB shows anyways?

This was a lot of talk and hype about the scene, even claims of how Kate’s acting in the scene was good enough for TV Queen.

In the end, the anticipated scene was only 1 second, showing an unconscious Kate and the faces of the gangsters.

So to the people who are complaining: get a grip of yourself and change the channel if you don’t want to watch it.

Not everyone wants to watch rainbows and ponies all the time.

She is seen afterwards in a shocked state with her bare shoulders showing. As she screams for help, the scene is intercut with her brothers feeling a bad omen elsewhere.

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