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Don't try to convince yourself that someone is a believer because he/she says so, but does not live like it just because you have feelings for that person. But our commitment to following Christ should be obvious to all.Jesus said that you can tell a good tree (a Christian) by its fruit (an obvious commitment to Christ and following him) in Matt.7: 13-20. If it is not, you need to consider that even if that person is a Christian, they are not ready for a spiritual marriage if they are not committed to the Lord in an obvious way.If you are attracted to someone of the opposite sex, get to know him or her in a group setting and see if you develop a casual friendship.Observe the kind of person he or she is and his or her commitment to Christ and commitment to living a righteous life.Issues of life compatibility should be tested in this relationship as much as possible.

If that person is not interested, accept that response as a natural part of life, rather than a sign that you are unworthy of having a relationship with that person.This is where you are laying a foundation for the future.A happy marriage that lasts a lifetime is based upon a genuine care and concern for each other regardless of the kind of romantic feelings you have at any given moment.It is a method of getting to know each other, that was not employed in Bible times.If you have "romantic feelings" for someone, you don't have to deny them, just don't let them "drive" your life.

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