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Nothing makes me happier as a mom than watching these boys grow and smile and laugh!!They are my world and I love days like this when we get to just run around and play together ❤️🙈😜🙉🌹😹 NMTMKp I’m so grateful for the guidance my mother has given me throughout my life! 🌸🌸🌸 What an incredibly moving evening celebrating love and acceptance at the #GLAADawards!My intuition, will to be stronger and love for making each day count comes from her!!! I'm so proud to be an ally of the LGBTQ community and it was an absolute honor to receive the @GLAAD Vanguard Award last night!!Don’t fall for common scams like this – fight them! Well, put simply, you enter into a dialogue with scammers, simply to waste their time and resources.I am also available as a beta/editor/muse for any fics that has Kamen Rider and/or Kamen Rider influences. Fanfiction Failure Metarule #1-- Be especially wary of open forums and chat channels in this regard as they usually have opinionated folks who haven't ever written anything or anything in nearly forever.

I was still hoping for the best, but I guess God loved him much more.A SAD MESSAGEOn June 1st 2015, after suffering from a brain tumor, the writer known as Kamen Rider Bushido, whose RL name is Anthony Diaz has passed away.I only learnt of his fate one day at work when I received a message from his mother and grandmother.Frauds tries to help as to denounce embezzlement, theft or if your identity has been compromised.I put at your disposal example, guide and guidance about fraud, scams and identity theft.

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