R java not updating eclipse

It's unlikely that you'll encounter breakage in your applications, but in the interest of maintaining the best user experience, you should take no risks.So, please install the new Android SDK and test your applications on Android 1.5.The following procedure will guide you through the process to running your existing applications on an emulator.Chances are, your application runs just fine on the Android 1.5 platform — new devices will be able to safely install and run your application and current users who update their devices will be able to continue using your application as usual.For information on creating new projects with the android tool, see the documentation about Developing In Other IDEs.

For example, for a A new ADT plugin (version 0.9) is required for the Android 1.5 SDK.

For information about using different system images (such as Android 1.1) while running this SDK, see Developing In Eclipse, with ADT or In Other IDEs, as appropriate for your development environment.

In order to upgrade your Eclipse IDE to use the new 0.9 ADT, follow the steps below for your respective version of Eclipse.

Because the component structure has been changed since Android 1.1, the Android 1.5 SDK does not work with ADT 0.8 (or older) and previously installed SDKs will not work with ADT 0.9.

However, the Android 1.5 SDK includes an Android 1.1 SDK image that you can build against while using ADT 0.9.

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If you build your projects using the Ant tool (rather than with Eclipse), note the following changes with the new SDK tools.

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