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No gardenias on Martha’s Vineyard even tho’ they sell them in the nurseries. I just remind myself that there are many wonderful things that love it here, thrive, and come back every year. I just take a huge breath of that delicious flower fragrance and move on. This is the time of year when so many beautiful things are blooming, you’ll fill your book in no time with notes and inspiration for your next year’s garden, even when driving around your own neighborhood. Above is a quick sketch I did while standing in her Mom’s bathroom in her house in England.I loved that bathroom — the house was very old and the bathroom was filled with hints of the years of family farm life …I’d never read that in my garden books (or maybe I just didn’t know what they were trying to say). I used to wonder why my potted porch plants didn’t look interesting together — but now I know it was because the plants I chose all had the same basic shape, color and size of leaf and flowers. learned about shape and texture and planned new gardens that reflected it. There are hedgerows all over England (I wrote more about them in our new book); some are wildly untended, draped in wild May flower or spirea, and some are clipped to the nth degree in amazing shapes, into mazes, ball-shapes, pyramids, animals and squares.Some of them are cut into tall teetering fanciful indescribable shapes with no name at all. But for us and our more modest garden, we found that even the simplest round bush in a loose and flowing flower garden is the perfect thing and makes a wonderful contrast. If you would like to make a bird motel at your house, the earth will thank you. But now I get some of it from shrubs, that’s beauty bush above (kolkwitzia amabilis).So what did we walk away with — did we use any of this at home? Before this trip, my gardening life was almost all about flowers ~ like a kid eating the frosting off a cake as the sole provider of his nourishment.But bushes and shrubs are just as important, and when I began to understand how it all came together, they became just as beautiful to me.

This little diary, which I brought home with me, has turned out to be a minefield of inspiration.Nepeta, a wonderful gorgeous purple plant with sage colored leaves that grows like crazy in our garden … I discovered what the birds loved, what would make the bees and butterflies happiest.Here was a little painting idea I loved — an oil on small unframed canvases, to set on a shelf. I learned that flowers aren’t all there are to a garden. They are the delicious sweet frosting with sprinkles on top, but the cake matters too!(I even sketched a farmers market/coffee shop layout we saw just in case someday we wanted to have a farmer’s market/coffee shop — I figured I would be ready 🙂 — it was the perfect shop ~ I had to do it!) You know my girlfriend Rachel who lives in England, is famous for her brownies, who started out as my pen pal and then we became really dear friends?

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We learned how important plant shapes are in a beautiful garden ~ something I’d never thought much about. that’s the best advice I ever learned and could pass on when it comes to gardening: Grow things that are naturally happy in your area.

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