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"Semana" wrote that Noor and Slim - whose Banco Inbursa and Inmobiliaria Carso invested 0 million in media icon The New York Times in January - recently spent a weekend together in an exclusive resort at Las Villas of Cape Cana in the Dominican Republic.

They have dinner with friends or at hotel rooms, it is said, entering and exiting through parking lots in order to avoid paparazzi.Pundits evincing an interest in Slim and Noor's personal lives point out that both are of Lebanese ancestry and strongly share their common cultural identity.They are very involved in philanthropic activities, and, being wealthy, don't need a "stimulus package" to survive the present global financial crisis.Just to get the air clear, she does come from some ultra-high shelf genes, being of royal Jordanian and Swiss descent.If you do take a gander at some of her latest photos, you can see where you may just put enough work into her appearance to think that she may have opted for the knife doesn’t comes as a shock.

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