Purolator tracking number not updating

Does a merchant stand a decent chance of getting a fair deal and everything they need?

Pivotal Payments services about 70,000 businesses and operates both in the US and Canada.

It offers just about everything a merchant needs, including retail and ecommerce processing, EMV support, and a mobile payments app.

I do believe Pivotal when it says the company is trying to turn things around.

Pivotal’s leasing is through First Data and it’s a three-year non-cancelable deal, so if you leave Pivotal, you’re still stuck with the hardware. Buy your terminal upfront if possible, or else rent one.

(There are no limits on Pivotal’s rental periods; you just return the hardware when you don’t need it.) If you have existing hardware, Pivotal will reprogram your device(s) to work with its system, provided there’s no compatibility issue.

With multi-year contracts, early termination fees, and other fees tucked into the contract by default, it seems very much like a remnant of a previous age of the payments industry.

Pivotal Payments hasn’t had a particularly good reputation over the years.

We’ve been one of the many review sites calling them out for unethical practices.

The problem is, like so many big processors, Pivotal Payments uses an independent sales force.

Far too often for our comfort, this means that predatory sales reps promise merchants the world, under-deliver on promises or outright mislead a merchant, and then disappear.

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