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However, no other action was taken, partly because political power on the island began to alternate between pro-commonwealth and pro-statehood parties.

After the pro-statehood PNP swept to victory in the 1992 gubernatorial elections, it pushed for a second plebiscite, which was held in November 1993 with nearly three-fourths of the 2.2 million eligible voters taking part; the pro-commonwealth option won by a plurality of 48.6 percent, followed by 46.3 percent for statehood and 4 percent for independence.

In addition in 1959 Puerto Ricans became highly concerned over regional security and ideology following Fidel Castro’s communist revolution in Cuba, and the island absorbed a sizable influx of Cuban exiles.

Muñoz Marín stepped down in 1964 and was succeeded by his able administrative assistant Roberto Sánchez Vilella, who in November of that year became the second elected governor in the island’s history.

Not that the explosion at a power substation in February helped.

The Puerto Rican governor first said 95 percent of power would be restored by December, then said full power would be restored by February, and now it's May.

When the PNP governor won a second term in 1996, the party mounted a campaign to hold still another plebiscite; however, the PPD, protesting that the definition of commonwealth on the ballot was inadequate, urged its followers to vote for “none of the above.” In the December 1998 plebiscite, the “none of the above” option won a majority of 50.3 percent of the vote, followed by 46.6 percent for statehood and 2.5 percent for independence—marking the third time in three decades that statehood had been rebuffed by Puerto Rican voters. Pedro Rosselló urged the UN decolonization committee to intervene by putting Puerto Rico back on the list of non-self-governing territories.

Until that time, only pro-independence groups had actively lobbied at the UN, decrying Puerto Rico’s “colonial” status.

Sentiment in favour of statehood grew following the admission of Alaska and Hawaii to the United States, particularly because Puerto Ricans increasingly were depending on federal aid for the unemployed, elderly, and war veterans.Some Puerto Ricans, notably the Nationalists, opposed the new law and resorted to violence.A handful of Nationalists unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Gov.The result showed that 60.4 percent of the electorate supported commonwealth status, 38.9 percent statehood, and 0.6 percent independence.Both the leaders of the PPD and influential members of the U. federal government agreed that the commonwealth relationship needed to be improved and the degree of self-government broadened.

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The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority aimed to restory 95 percent of power by the end of March (it didn’t) and finish the job by May (it’s May).

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