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Topics covered include healing, stages of abuse, shame, contempt, and the way through.

For any questions or inquiries please email [email protected] or [email protected] The Finance course is a 6 week program designed to provide people with a sound approach to financial management.

Whether you are needing to fix up some problems or just freshen things up a bit, this course is for you!

Enrich is a fun and practical 8 week course covering topics such as finance, conflict resolution, intimacy and many more!

It is a great forum for questions, meeting people and getting connected with other believers.

For any questions or inquiries please email [email protected] or [email protected] The Prepare course helps to develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage.The Recover course offers answers, hope and healing.The course is both practical and supportive, giving any divorced person the opportunity to discuss the challenges they are facing and the tools to deal with these effectively.It is not suitable for people who are considering divorce in the future.For any questions or inquiries please email [email protected] or [email protected] Door of Hope is a supportive and encouraging program for female survivors of sexual abuse.

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That’s really common in people with disabilities—it’s called ableism, and it’s denying or covering your disability to try to fit into an able-bodied world. People will be more open-minded and it will be easier to date.” I joined and started dating. I noticed this huge discrepancy, even though we were exactly the same in intellect, interests, and style.

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