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To repeat, even though news reports make it seem the box itself contains this very date, in reality the dating of 63 CE attached to this particular ossuary is based on the tradition of James's death, because the box possesses a dated inscription or there is some other precise dating method.According to CNN, the "Israeli government's geological survey test" concluded that "the object is more than 19 centuries old," but the author cites BAR as the source, and this particular statement does not appear on the BAR website article.While it may be argued that "Jews," i.e., members of the tribe of Judah and territory of Judea, used ossuaries "only" between those dates, it is quite clear that their predecessors, Canaanites, Israelites and Hebrews, utilized them for centuries prior to that.The site of Hederah in northern Israel, for example, yielded numerous fragments and complete ossuaries, some of which were in the exact square shape as that of James's. Sukenik of the Hebrew University, to the , II, 496.) Sukenik concluded that these house-shaped vessels were akin to the "soul-houses" of the Egyptians and "house urns" of the Europeans." writes, "While most scholars agree that Jesus existed, no physical evidence from the first century has ever been conclusively tied with his life." evidence yet discovered.However, in the initial sentence Lorenzi says, "The first archaeological evidence of Jesus' existence has come to light...," and she repeats that "the new find would be the first archaeological discovery to corroborate Biblical references to Jesus," indicating the proper interpretation of the headline to be that there was prior evidence.In actuality, the use of ossuaries even in the Palestine/Judea area dates back to at least the Second Temple Period and continued for several centuries into the Common Era.

Naturally, Christian apologists and fanatics rubbed their hands together, and gleefully and smugly bombarded nonbelievers with the news via email.

Based on findings from the Jerusalem necropolis of the Second Temple Period (6th cent.

BCE-70 CE), the editor of the , which were used once the flesh had decayed, leaving the bones alone.

In other words, the dating is based on circular reasoning: Since James died in 62 CE, and since this is apparently his ossuary, it must date to 63 CE, when his bones would have been placed in it.

There is no proof, however, that James died in that year or that this is his ossuary.

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