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The most common complaint is that planning takes too much time and costs too much money.

What these project managers do not realize is that because planning is a means of preventive action in that it requires anticipation of potential future difficulties, the long-term payoff is far greater than the short-term cost. Planning is an iterative process requiring mental activity rather than action.

The project manager must be aware from the outset of the scheduling process that many factors must be considered in preparation of the project Master Schedule. The project objectives will be reviewed frequently throughout the project.

Some of the major factors that may affect the project schedule are the project objectives, demands of other projects, resource requirements and constraints, and individual capabilities of team members. They will be referred to at the onset of the project to identify the project team's responsibilities.

This barrier is a result of the fact that most project managers perceive themselves as “doers,” not “thinkers.” Finally, ego affects the project manager's attitude toward planning.

Many feel that they can handle any eventuality and prefer to “shoot from the hip” Unfortunately, this adversely affects their overall performances which in turn reduces the effectiveness of their project teams. The primary responsibility of the project manager is to ensure that the end product meets the client's requirements; therefore, the first scheduling task of the project manager is to clarify project objectives by translating them into quantifiable terms.

Projects may be unique, such as custom designing manufacturing machinery, or require outputs that are so large or time consuming that they have to be produced one at a time, such as construction of a highway interchange.

Project management is the process of facilitating the performance of others to attain the project objective.

This is a graphic presentation of all project related activities necessary to produce required output.

Projects which are not completed within the time frame established by the Master Schedule almost invariably exceed planned costs.

Many project managers are reluctant to prepare a project plan.

This schedule is dynamic in that it will undoubtedly be modified as the project proceeds and unanticipated changes in scope, logic, or timing are required.

Without the Master Schedule, effective project control would be virtually impossible.

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