Pretty girls dating ugly men

#REEEEEGenerally, when I see online photos, especially other females, I tend to assume that there is a lot of make up and digital touch ups.

Also, their skin always ages 10x faster when they hit the wall.Makeup might make a Chadlite look like a Chad with some handy brushwork, but guys who are incel tier have no real hope.I mean they could even out their skin tone and make their eye area a little better, maybe they'd get to around normie level? when someone says "most women look much better than men" or "I see a bunch of pretty girls dating (below) average guys" they don't take into account the massive looks inflation from makeup^ This, 100%!It just does not seem like the mentally healthy thing to do.I'm kind of happy that my dad was very anti-make up when I was a teen, dodged a bullet there!

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