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Members can chat for as long as they want over the site’s private messaging system, as long as the conversations “don’t take an Islamically inappropriate direction,” Mr. If a pair decides they’re compatible, they can grant each other access to their photos, which are otherwise kept private.“Female members have the option to invite a guardian into their conversations who she trusts to oversee the interaction,” Mr. That is, until we emailed with a real-life Second Wife user—a Qatari man who asked to remain anonymous..With three wives already, he hasn’t started actively using the site, but said he “may look for the fourth” at some point in the future. Here where I live people don’t accept this concept a lot.Some men take younger women as second wives and end up neglecting or divorcing their older wives, “leaving them and their children destitute,” Ms. There are also scary cases in lawless, war-torn regions, where girls might be captured or sold by their own parents as second or third wives. White said, “the word ‘wife’ hides a more sordid reality of buying and selling women and girls for sex, rather than the original intent of Islamic law permitting polygyny.”She also warned that in countries where polygamy is illegal—like Turkey, her area of expertise—”men who ‘marry’ second wives by Islamic rites are actually not legally married, so the women and their children have no legal rights.”But Mr.Khan, Second Wife’s creator, maintains that his website is, in fact, good for women.“The women who are on Second are there because they have chosen to be,” he said.

After doing research I discovered that we have little to [no] competition.”The Koran permits men to marry up to four wives, as long as they can support them financially and treat them all equally.

Given his history finding wives, the man said he wishes Second Wife had been around earlier.“I spent a lot of my money just looking for a second wife. So I had [to] look outside the country.”Though he hasn’t used his account to start courting wife number four, “I have a strong feeling that [the site] is good,” the man said.

“Actually if I [had known] about it, [it] would have certainly saved [me] a good amount of money.”The anonymous Second Wife user explained his rationale for having multiple wives.“Women were created in their nature to fight for man, to fight to win him,” he said. But when there is no one to fight with, then she gets lazy with you.”He insists, however, that “[polygamy] is more in the favor of the women than the men.”“Most of the men deceive their wives,” he said.

Second creator Azad Chaiwala says the website came from his “need” and “thinking there’ll be other people in my situation.” “There are other deceiving ways of doing it – affairs, prostitution etc – those are not necessarily good for relationships,” he told the BBC.

“Here it is more honorable.” Around 100,000 people have signed up – with men outnumbering women three to one, Chaiwala said. “It takes two hands to clap; a guy can’t do it on his own.

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