Policies on dating in the workplace

Regardless of the type of policy, employees are expected to follow all of the guidelines in their employee handbooks.

Romance-policy violations can lead to supervisor reprimands, job relocation requirements, position changes and even termination.

However, hiring within the same department normally is prohibited for individuals of the same family or for those who have a personal relationship (see policy 2.1.5 Hiring Members of the Same Family or Household).The University views such conflicts of interest as seriously as it does those involving family members or blood relatives.In considering whether a relationship falls within this policy, all employees are urged to disclose the facts if there is any doubt rather than fail to disclose in cases where a relationship exists or existed in the past.As a result, a boss must be careful not to reprimand or punish one couple while another couple's love affair goes unnoticed.Co-workers might also undervalue the importance of other official policies if the romance policy isn't taken seriously.

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Supervisors involved in a consensual romantic or sexual relationship, in the context of supervision, must discuss the matter on a confidential basis with their own supervisor or with the Office of Human Resources to assess the implications for the workplace and make arrangements to ensure that employment-related decisions are made in an appropriate and unbiased setting.

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