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Stephen Moyer is an English actor who has played Bill Compton in the HBO series True Blood since 2008. He became Brentwood Theatre`s first patron in October 2007, especially supporting their "Reaching Out, Building On" campaign to help fund the 2008 completion of backstage facilities. Martin`s School and a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art,he has a son, Billy, born in 2000 and a daughter, Lilac, born in 2002.“But Lorien is beautiful, brilliant and the mother of his daughter.Ending their relationship after seven years was a high price for Stephen to pay, even if he and Anna seem happy together.” [From Star Magazine] I don’t think Stephen and Anna “seem” happy together, I think they actually are happy together.In a recent interview, Anna was blasé about content, saying “Obviously, if you’re already with that person then you’re not having to sort of get over the ‘Wow, I’m naked with someone that I don’t even know the middle name of!’ I think that regardless of what kind of scene you’re doing, the better you know the person … And that goes for stunt scenes and heavy emotional scenes and sex scenes.

Actress Anna Paquin has cleared up the whole bisexual thing.

She explained, "I don't think it's a past tense thing. It doesn't really work like that."Paquin revealed she was bisexual in 2010 just before she married Moyer.

The two welcomed twins in 2012."True Blood" is currently airing its final season on HBO.

It’s sad that he dumped the woman who had given birth to their daughter, but that was Moyer’s choice. A son named Billy – I have no idea about that baby-mama.

Anna Paquin (born )Anna Paquin is a Canadian-born New Zealand actress, best known for he roles on the HBO series 'True Blood', as well as her work in the 'X-Men' movies.

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