Open graph error validating access token

In this sense, the “bearer” is any party that can present the token.Though authentication with Azure AD is required in order to receive a bearer token, steps must be taken to secure the token, to prevent interception by an unintended party.You can use the claims in an id_token as you see fit - commonly they are used for displaying account information or making access control decisions in an app.Id_tokens are signed, but not encrypted at this time.The groups included in the groups claim are configured on a per-application basis, through the "group Membership Claims" property of the application manifest.A value of null will exclude all groups, a value of "Security Group" will include only Active Directory Security Group memberships, and a value of "All" will include both Security Groups and Office 365 Distribution Lists. For other flows, if the number of groups the user is in goes over a limit (150 for SAML, 200 for JWT) then an overage claim will be added the claim sources pointing at the Graph endpoint containing the list of groups for the user. Example SAML Value: claim for JWTs in implicit grant flows if the full groups claim would extend the URI fragment beyond the URL length limits (currently 6 or more groups).The claims in JWTs are JSON objects encoded and serialized for transmission.Since the JWTs issued by Azure AD are signed, but not encrypted, you can easily inspect the contents of a JWT for debugging purposes.

Always ensure that your app transmits and stores bearer tokens in a secure manner.There are several tools available for doing so, such as For more information on JWTs, you can refer to the JWT specification.A JWT is a compact, URL-safe means of transferring information between two parties.The information contained in JWTs are known as "claims", or assertions of information about the bearer and subject of the token.

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In addition, new claims can be introduced into id_tokens at any point in time - your app should not break as new claims are introduced.

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