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Some of them are missing the grips which make them useless because the handles are to thin. I still can’t believe that you even raised the rates for members which I wouldn’t mind if it was worth it. My only hope is that another gym opens up in the area so I can quit this one.

In 2004, the company went public, however, in 2015, the company was acquired by two equity firms, TPG Capital and Leonard Green and Partners as part of a leveraged buyout.

And let me just say the membership here is EXPENSIVE $$$…. Youtube might be a a good place to start because obviously the trainers you have aren’t that educated as far as certain pieces of equipment go.

This location also has dumbbells that have rubber grips on them.

AND a lady said they escorted her out because she had on workout clothes 😳😳……they have no logical reason for this….

I was told “because in ur workout clothes you already have sweat and in the sauna it causes more sweat and germs can fester”……well ummmm your are still sweeting with a bathing suit or just a towel so it still germs??? Today on 2/13/18 I asked the manager when is it going to be fixed. So let me get this straight just one Smith machine with all the members you have.

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the gym looks nice but the attitude and bad customer service makes people want to go other places…….. Zwiefel In conversations with other individuals, we heard that when you go on Medicare, one of the things that are covered is your gym membership by your supplemental My husband and & just recently enrolled in Medicare & found in the supplemental information, there was noted “Silver Sneakers”.

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