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Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the main city for expats stationed in the country.It is an incredibly large, interesting and challenging destination, offering a wide variety of experiences for expats.

The standard of public education and hospitals can be considerably lacking; however, expats have the option of sending their children to one of the private or international schools located in the capital, and there are private healthcare facilities available too, for those who are willing to pay.

Traffic congestion can be nightmarish in Moscow and many expats choose to hire a driver rather than braving the roads alone.

The city vies with St Petersburg for the title of ' Russian Cultural Capital', and while most would agree that St Petersburg deserves this title more, Moscow is by no means short of cultural activities and events.

Moscow is often ranked in the top 10 most expensive cities of the world. Moscow is a huge sprawling city which is connected with well-panned out Metro system that links the city underground.

Undoubtedly in terms of beauty and women, Moscow is the top city in Russia to visit. Moscow residents typically identify their surroundings based on the metro stop.

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