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Oh, but the weirdest part is yet to come: This “friend” tracks my brother’s finances via snooping and eavesdropping, and when my brother declined, citing a lack of funds, Adam said, “Well, what happened to the $( ) you got from selling your car?

A few dating sites allow men and women to fire off a canned “Hey, there!

Through the voice you hear the unspoken things they want you to know, in their tone and suggestion.

On Vibeline we know that feeling better than anyone.

Vibeline is the most trusted chatline company in North America for African Americans.

I think it’s very rude to ignore someone’s personal communication to you. My brother was to be one of the “best men” in the wedding.

Internet anonymity brings out the worst in some people, and there’s a certain amount of that in evidence on dating sites.

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Always secure and anonymous, you can pick your favorite guy to share your inner most secrets or just talk about your favorite movie -- Vibeline is what you want it to be. The best way to get a taste of Vibeline Chatline is to experience it!

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