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“He wanted answers for everything.” He was a tinkerer too, taking things apart to figure out how they worked, once disassembling a beat-up brown Fiat that his father, Danny Thomas, had bought for 0.“He tore it all to pieces and then put it back together,” recalled Thomas, shaking his head at the memory.Wanda Banks remembers Andre Thomas when he was a bright, curious kid in her Sunday school class at Harmony Baptist Church, a little boy so eager to speak about the Bible stories he had memorized that he would shoot his hand into the air before she could even finish her question.Harmony Baptist, which sits at the edge of a predominantly black neighborhood on Sherman’s east side, served as a second home to Andre during his chaotic childhood.Still, there were times when the voices subsided and Andre was just a normal teenager.

By 2004, Andre was 21 years old, deeply mentally ill, and receiving no treatment.Thomas was an ephemeral presence in his son’s life, providing little in the way of guidance.But Andre still managed to excel in school early on, and he made ambitious plans, sketching intricate drawings of the futuristic cars that he planned to design one day.On the bright, clear morning of March 27, he charged up the stairs to the third-floor apartment where Laura lived and kicked in the door. Andre was holding three knives, one for each of his intended victims.He first encountered Laura, who ran toward him, screaming “No! He then reached in and pulled out what he believed was her heart (he had, in fact, extracted part of her lung).

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