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Poking out about half an inch, Danny guessed the water was pretty cold. Wanting to torture the poor guy a bit more, she walked over to Danny. Propping her leg up on the night table, her pussy was opened wide.

Feeling his cock hardening, he knew that if he stood up now, Jamie would see the huge boner he was sporting. Standing in front of him, her crotch was about eye level with the teenager, who was sitting on the pavement. Her fingers were able to move in and out of her sopping hole.

Jamie was there for him, having gone through this same upheaval not too long ago.

Kate's husband up and left the family about a year ago for his teen aged secretary. Apparently, men her age wanted the super young starlet type.

Danny, although very attractive, was shy around women, and Kate knew this from all the conversations she had overheard Jamie have with him.

It was wrong to eavesdrop, but her room was next door to her son's. His home life was upended when his parents divorced a couple of months ago.

She spent Friday night primping herself for no other reason than to be doing something. It is too late to be out and about,” Kate said, using her no nonsense mom voice. Going into the kitchen, she asked if he wanted something to drink. Danny's fingers were deep inside her pussy, working their way in and out. Feeling his warm mouth suck her clit deeply, she cried out, loudly. A fine gloss of sweat covered her body, as she rode the waves of pleasure. Knowing her son's relationship with his father had deteriorated since the divorce, she encouraged him to go. Climbing on top of Kate, Danny felt clumsy and unsure, until he felt her small hand worm it's way between their bodies. Rubbing it between her swollen lips, she used her enormous amount of nectar to lubricate his shaft. Her pussy felt like wet silk, as he pushed into her scorching hot cunt. She had never been one to have multiple orgasms, but this teenager had her on the verge of cumming again. He was so close and wanted nothing more than to fill her full of his seed. Kate felt the familiar lightening bolt shocks, as her body flew apart. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.After hours of arguing, he gave in and went on the trip. So soft, so smooth, nothing like his rough hand, she fit him like a glove. Putting her legs over his arms, he trapped her wrists in his hands. Amazed at how quickly she was able to cum again, she let her body shudder and convulse. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.She often overheard her son's friends comment on his “hot” mom, and it never failed to make her smile. Lately, since Jamie's Dad left, she had been looking better than ever. He jerked off many a night while thinking about her breasts and mouth. Heart shaped, with ruby red lips, he wondered how they would feel rubbing up and down his shaft. Running up to her bedroom, she quickly undressed from waist down.Spending a lot of her nights alone, she fantasized about taking one of those young men and teaching him how to pleasure a woman the right way. These thoughts should not be going through his head. Jamie threw the ball, making the basket, which gave Danny possession of it. Taking this time to sneak a covert glance at Kate, he watched as she strained to wash the windshield. Maybe it was the fact that none of the girls his age would put out, or perhaps it was that she was a young man's wet dream. Purposely bending over, she hoped that her ass was plainly visible. Running her fingers over her plump, lightly furred lips, she parted them.

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