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The findings are not a total surprise — it has been evident for some time that evangelical, and particularly Pentecostal, churches are growing in Latin America, generally at the expense of Catholicism.But the Pew study, which was conducted by in-person interviews with 30,000 adults in 18 countries and Puerto Rico, provides significant evidence for the trend, and shows that it is both broad and rapid. This treaty, which marked the end of the Mexican War, established U. sovereignty over 1,193,061 square miles of formerly disputed or Mexican territory, including the present states of Texas, Arizona, California and Utah, and parts of New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. One of the national heroes of Mexico, Juarez served his country as president during the turbulent period from 1855 until his death, and instituted a number of civil reforms.He led the military resistance to the French emperor’s attempt to impose Maximilian of Austria as emperor of Mexico.Colombians celebrate a similar holiday called “, Christmas Eve and Christmas.

In Venezuela, just 10 percent of Catholics say they pray daily, attend services weekly and consider religion very important, compared with 49 percent of Protestants.According to the survey, Protestants in Latin America are more religious and more conservative than Catholics: The Protestants pray more, go to services more often and are more likely to tithe.They are also more strongly opposed to same-sex marriage.Battle of Rivas Day (Costa Rica): Anniversary of victory over Confederate invaders in 1856. are split on their political feelings about the holiday. This is indicated by generally referring to November 1 mainly as (altars) in their homes to honor the memory of deceased loved ones and to welcome their visiting souls.An army consisting mainly of farmers armed with machetes forced William Walker, an American who planned to enslave Central American countries, back into Nicaragua. It is not, as many people think, Mexico’s Independece Day, which is actually September 16. In most of the Spanish-speaking countries celebrated as Dia de la Raza, Columbus Day, or Panamerican Day. Others visit their loved one’s cemetery plot and decorate it with flowers, candles and food.

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But the survey finds that 19 percent of Latin Americans now describe themselves as Protestants.

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