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My first knowledge of James Avery was back in the 1950’s as I had the honor of wearing a James Avery tribal silver bracelet at Waldemar.

After camp my mother took me to his jewelry store on the Main Street in Kerrville, much smaller than his beautiful site in the hills.

In 1968 I received a second cross as a graduation present from UT. Avery the story, and he graciously offered to replace the cross at no charge. But such a legacy of Beauty and kindness he left us, a deep well spring of Love which will never run dry. Avery is in heaven creating even more beautiful designs for our arrival.I have book markers, crosses, and other bracelets, some simple in design, others elegantly adorned with gold and gemstones, but all beloved, all commemorating major chapters in my life. Avery’s appreciation of the natural world, his unique insight into faith, his love of God, and his belief in the righteousness of God and His Truth. Every charm, ring, and pendant will be even more special to me. Although James Avery, the man, is no longer with us, and will be unable to personally touch her life as he did mine, his creativity, passion, talent, and spirit remain.The first time I lost it was on a hay ride for a Christmas party.My life was in turmoil but I was trying hard to keep it together.

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