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Calling someone a “sellout” based on the race of their significant other is mean spirited, pathetic and highlights everything wrong with our society.

I have never been in a relationship based on wealth or status.

It’s more important to me for people to focus on what I do professionally, but this particular topic has been swept under the rug far too often and I feel that its important for me to put this issue out in the open.I’ve managed to go from being in music videos at the age of 18 to spending 8 years on a well known game show, spent 9 years with Milani Cosmetics, opened an art gallery, opened my photography studio, and I’ve also dedicated my time to mentoring young women who need guidance, among other things. I’m very proud to say that I’ve done it in a way that my family can be proud of and other young women can hopefully be inspired by.Getting married to the man I love is simply the icing on the cake…Back when James dated Khloe Kardashian he said he didn’t enjoy the “fame” that came with it and that’s why he “eliminated” the relationship. “I wasn’t uncomfortable, but it wasn’t me,” Harden told Sports Illustrated.

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