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If your server creates the JWT, signs it with a secret (JWS) then sends it to the client, simply changing the secret will invalidating all existing tokens and require all users to gain a new token to authenticate as their old token suddenly becomes invalid according to the server.

It doesn't require any modifications to the actual token contents (or lookup ID).

I also wanted to note that it is a good idea to include the last login date with the token, so that you are able to enforce a relogin after some distant period of time.

In terms of similarities/differences with regards to attacks using tokens, this post addresses the question: The ideas posted above are good, but a very simple and easy way to invalidate all the existing JWTs is simply to change the secret.

Invalidating your CDN (Content Delivery Network) cached content lets you quickly update assets that are delivered by Dynamic Media, instead of waiting for the cache to expire.

Like little kids in school hurling insults and seeing it gets them lots of attention, before they've learned the lessons of blowback, those most often quoted among the GOP are its biggest quacks -- waddling before the cameras, lining up to pimp out their idiocy and bigotry to the mass media.Dynamic Media assets are cached by the CDN for fast delivery.However, when you make updates to an asset, you may want those changes to take effect immediately.If you keep the token expiry times at short enough intervals, and have the running client keep track and request updates when necessary, number 1 would effectively work as a complete logout system.The problem with this method, is that it makes it impossible to keep the user logged in between closes of the client code (depending on how long you make the expiry interval).

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