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Still the message is to not feel what you are feeling.Nonverbal Invalidation Nonverbal invalidation is powerful and includes rolling of the eyes and drumming of fingers in an impatient way.

Not Wanting to Hurt Your Feelings: Sometimes people lie to you in order to not hurt your feelings.

Nonverbal self-invalidation is working too much, shopping too much or otherwise not paying attention to your own feelings, thoughts, needs and wants. It’s about accepting someone else’s internal experience as valid and understandable.

Replacing Invalidation with Validation The best way to stop invalidating others or yourself is by practicing validation.

If someone checks their watch while you are talking with them, that is invalidating.

Showing up at an important event but only paying attention to email or playing a game on the phone while there is invalidating, whether that is the message the person meant to send or not.

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Unformatted text preview: between praise and validation: A young child goes into the classroom by herself on the first day of school, although she is scared. ” On the other hand, “You were so brave to go in even though you were scared. What a good job you did,” validates the troubling feelings, remarks on the effort overcoming those feelings took, and praises the effort.

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