Internet dating yes or no

Used alone, this list is a great tool to help you identify and set personal boundaries better preparing you for your next sexual encounter.

Its time you make your buddies envious and engage with folks from across the entire world straight from the comfort of your own residence.

Do you think Tinder, Happn and OKCupid are, quite frankly, a bit of a drag? A man called Samuel Abrahams shares your opinions and views on the world, and decided to send his friend Tom to get a date “offline”.

The point our two friends were trying to make is that we spend so much time online these days that we’ve forgotten how to interact with each other, and communicate with the people around us, and blah, blah, blah.

Projects like these pop up every few months, to broadcast the general idea that The Internet Is Bad, and oh my, aren’t we all a bit nostalgic for a time before we could just schedule our sex lives from our smartphones?

The problem with this video, though, is that it romanticises a fundamentally flawed idea, which is that men are entitled to women’s time and attention, whenever they demand it.

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