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Understanding what each of you want out of the relationship will create a healthy and united place for love to grow.

So, when does one update a Facebook status from “Single” to “In a Relationship” or vice versa?

It can definitely be a mistake to rush into a relationship.

Sometimes a fling happens as a response to freedom—you’re living in a new place, and there are no friends or family to check in on your love life.

How do I turn down someone I’m just not interested in? It’s easy to lose sleep over the multitude of nagging questions that arise in the pursuit of romance.

The answer may not always be obvious, but love is worth the time and intention it takes to get it right.

If you post your romantic life online, be prepared for both positive and negative outcomes. Most of us know how to say yes when someone we like asks us out.

In order to keep a faraway romance strong, there needs to be an equal level of commitment from both of you.

Also, consistent communication via the phone or video chat is important as it allows you to connect verbally and visually and creates shared times together.

(Physical, verbal, mental or emotional abuse should never be tolerated.

If you experience any type of abuse, get away from the person and seek help from a trusted adult/counselor immediately.) Work through the questions listed in “Decide When to Start Dating.” They can all be applied to breaking up as well. Facebook, Twitter, emailing and texting are not the right ways to end things.

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