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“I think that this is the year that I’ve had to stop kidding myself that I’m exempt from being riled up about politics,” she says.

Growing up in Mississippi and Tennessee, Williams experienced a political divide right at home, brought on by male figures who were aggressive in their beliefs and frequently sparked conflict with other members of the family.

She says she “doesn’t think [she’ll] ever write a political anthem,” but on “It’s been really interesting hearing people relate our album to the year they’ve had because of the political climate and because of the social issues we’re going through and the anxiety that puts on young people and people who are minorities,” Williams says.

“I don’t think that any of us [as artists] are exempt from the weight that has been put on us, the responsibility that has been put on us to help push us forward and create healthy change.“I think it’ll trickle down into the psychology of things we talk about,” she says.

“We were all going through our own experiences but they’re still relatable,” she says.

Tracing our way back through 2017–its mass shootings, its political upheaval, its “fake news”–feels like wading through an endless void. We’re not Pussy Riot, and I know that,” she says during a recent interview with But in 2017, those personal musings on loss and anxiety also reflected the losses and anxieties of a nation led by a president who regularly threatens nuclear warfare in 280-character bursts.

It was a year when every piece of art had the potential to mean something politically—even when discussing matters of the heart. Which is how Paramore found itself writing its most political album yet.

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