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When they are not on stage they hang out with their male customers buying them drinks or garlands of flowers regarded as a respect for their nice performance or really just another way of tipping. There is another popular soapy massage place called Chaophya 4, located at the eastern end of Thamanoonvithee Road (see the map below).

I haven’t been there but from what I know is the price range is similar to the Pink Hotel and the girls are stunning hot as well.

Hat Yai also has a variety of soapy massage parlours.The most famous one is without doubt the Pink Hotel (formerly Pink Lady Complex) located just about 50m from Lee Garden Plaza.The entrance is kind of hidden as you have to walk through a small market first so look for the big pink sign on the side of the road.Hat Yai is also hugely popular among Malaysians and Singaporeans to come for a weekend trip – and many of them not just for cheap market shopping.No matter if you are spending just one night during your travels south or actually want to explore Hat Yai for several days, as soon as the sun sets you’ll ask yourself where to go for a good beer, live music or other entertainment.

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