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Background Born Winnie Ruth, while employed at the Grunow Medical Clinic in Phoenix, Judd met Agnes Anne Le Roi, an X-Ray Technician who worked at the clinic, and her roommate, Hedvig Samuelson.Le Roi and Samuelson had become close friends while living in Alaska and then moved together to Phoenix for its drier climate after Samuelson contracted tuberculosis. Judd left Phoenix to start a practice in Los Angeles, leaving his wife in Phoenix.At this time, Judd moved in with Le Roi and Samuelson, but in early October, she moved out in order to be nearer to the Grunow Clinic where she was employed.At the time of the murders Judd was 26 years old, Le Roi 32, and Samuelson, 24.The two mattresses were missing the night the police entered.

Judd referred to this testimony as "the whole truth".

Meanwhile, Judd's brother had dropped his sister off somewhere in Los Angeles where she proceeded to disappear.

Judd hid out until she surrendered to police in a funeral home the following Friday, October 23, 1931.

The murder was reported in headlines across the country and Judd came to be referred to in the press as "Tiger Woman" and "The Blonde Butcher".

Eventually, the case itself came to be known in the media as "The Trunk Murders".

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