Gretchen and slade still dating 2016

For many of the Real Housewives, before there was happily wedded bliss (or at least happily coupled bliss) there were a few relationships that came and went as quickly as the new seasons of the show.

On a side note, Gretchen’s attorney who represented her during her civil lawsuits against Photoglou, recently fired Gretchen as a client.Long before she was dating the chef (aka, Luann’s niece’s ex-boyfriend), Radziwill was in a long-distance relationship with Russ Irwin, a member of Aerosmith.Audiences barely ever saw him on the show, but it was apparently a thing nevertheless. Still, it’s kind of incredible to watch early seasons of RHOA, see Greg being all shady, and wonder what really changed between the two of them.But some of these relationships had real potential.And watching these men get kicked to the curb (or leave for even sadder reasons) was sometimes hard to watch.

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