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At the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta this winter, D. of New Freedom, Pa., sold three to four times more seed packets than last year, says Barb Melera, president."This is the first time I've ever heard people say, ' I can grow this more cheaply than I can buy it in the supermarket.' That's a 180-degree turn from the norm." Roger Doiron, a gardener and fresh-food advocate from Scarborough, Maine, said he turned worth of seeds into more than six months of vegetables for his family of five. Railroads provided easements they'd rent to employees and others for gardening." (Excerpt) Read more at ...The Mineola, a tangerine-grapefruit cross, is especially popular.Look for them in markets from late fall through winter.Grapefruits are categorized by the color of their pulp: red, pink, or white (which is more honey-colored than white).The color of the pulp doesn't affect the flavor. Substitutes: ugli fruit (more flavorful, but don't cook it) OR pomelo (less acidic and less bitter) OR tangelo (tangerine-grapefruit cross) kaffir lime = jeruk purut = leech lime = limau purut = magrood = makroot = makrut Notes: Thai cooks use these golf ball-sized limes to give their dishes a unique aromatic flavor.

When buying citrus fruit, select specimens that are smaller, thin-skinned, and heavy for their size.Florida oranges are juicier, and better suited to squeezing, while California oranges segment more easily and are better for eating out of hand.The best oranges are smaller, thin-skinned, and heavy for their size.Varieties include the common Persian lime = Tahiti lime and the smaller, less juicy, and more acidic Florida key lime = key lime = Mexican lime.When buying limes, select specimens that are dark green, smaller, thin-skinned, and heavy for their size.

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Substitutes: blood orange (less acidic, red flesh) OR mandarin orange Or kumquats OR ugli fruit OR grapefruit OR pomelo (especially for marmalade) pomelo = pummelo = Chinese grapefruit = shaddock Pronunciation: PUHM-uh-low Notes: This has a very thick peel, so you have to work hard to eat it.

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