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Need her to hang upside down, jump on a box, or lie on the cold concrete floor in sequined Marc Jacobs to get the perfect shot? The (almo…It's her birthday — Valentine's Day — and Black Panther and Walking Dead star Danai Gurira is celebrating by working.

She is resplendent in all-white, lit by the glow of a dusty studio window overlooking the Manhattan street below, as if surveying a …Spoilers ahead for Episode 7 of The Handmaid's Tale.

There is no limit to her creativity — she does what she wants and wears it with the utmost confidence.

This is esp…Although NBC has already given the greenlight for at least one more season, E!

So when bibliophiles finally get a chance to burrow out from under their cozy blankets, set aside their mugs of tea, and get out into the world to talk endlessly about all of their favorite authors, ser…Arrested Development is known for its core cast of unforgettable characters, but some of the best performances in the series have come from notable guest stars.

While the episodes that premiered on May 29 don't introduce nearly as many new characters…When someone in a relationship cheats, some couples break up while others stay together.

Details surrounding This Is Us' fut…If you know Kimmy Schmidt, you know that despite the challenges she has faced in her lifetime (read: being kidnapped, trapped in a bunker for 15 years, and forced to create a new identity for herself in one of the world's largest cities, to name a fe…It's hasn't been long since this A-lister dipped herself in clay and made a perfume bottle of her naked body, but now she's back to beauty.

According to the Instagram announcement, Kim Kardashian created KKW Beauty lipsticks and liners, but don't cal…Reading is, by nature, a very solitary pursuit.

But in this week's episode, one chilling scene fostered a sense of…On Tuesday, May 29, an offensive and racist tweet by Roseanne Bar led ABC to cancel the reboot of her sitcom, Roseanne.KKW Beauty is launching a line of nude lipsticks …When Deadpool 2 and Atlanta star Zazie Beetz travels on her own dime, you won't find her in first class.She wants you to know the truth about her airline status, because she's noticed that — among other false assumptions — people tend to presume tha…This is how you’re supposed to begin: You’re supposed to say that Samira Wiley is down for whatever.It turns out, that everyone's favorite reality show couple Tom and Abby almost didn't reunite on Queer Eye.But, luckily, …Exciting news for Pokemon fans and/or people who primarily use their smartphones to recapture their ‘90s childhood (hi, hello, it’s me): A new mobile game called “Pokemon Quest” has just been released.

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