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Daughter/mummy/sister/teacher/hooker/neighbour/school student or just plain slut; all welcome. I don't know whether he sensed I was Sissy for BBC or it was the way I was eyeing him up, but halfway through the journey He flopped out his massive black cock and said "Have you ever seen one as big as this?

Only warning: I will not hesitate to ban members who abuse the group in any way. Dedicated to solo POV videos with great erotic dialogue. Can be just talking or masturbating, can include a second party in POV but ONLY if that party remains virtually silent. I gave one of the gay lads a lift home last night, his house mates BF [a big black lad] was at the door and asked if I'd give him a lift home too, it was 1 am and I really had nothing else to do.

Get out of the house - alone, or with friends, that's your choice - go to a bar/pub/club... If you had to pick between "real sex" with some mediocre looking girl every night the next 50 years, after spending a ton of money on dates to get with her...

have a beverage of your liking and talk to someone who tickles your fancy. It's just much much easier to come here, or any other site with COPIOUS amounts of FREE porn, choose something that gets your rocks off and do your thing. or download an endless variety of Finding Daddy in a Good Girl Hello, Everyone, From the first person, so a lot of I me my...

I'm into my wife recently lost both her parents to illness and as part of her desire to go wild for a bit has confessed her desire to be the slut in a gangbang.

she wants as many men as possible to violate her holes and fill her with as much cum as she can take.

After the blind-siding end of a second long-term DD/lg relationship-- the first a 10-year marriage (not surprising), the last a 10-month 24/7 LDR (breathtakingly surprising. )-- and finding once again that I was moaning about passive-aggressive, narcissistic pussies who THINK they're Daddy Doms but are really submissive cowards, I made myself very quiet and asked myself exactly what I thought a good Daddy was.

But that just felt completely desperate and I wasn't even really bothered to get a eyeful of anything, I mean; cummon ...

there is porn EVERYWHERE online - why 'work' for it.

First, my eyes were drawn again and again to that 13-letter composition, and then the sound of its 4 syllables echoed fluidly in my head like water moving, and finally that reciprocal beating of the rhythm of the word with my heart that happens when my body's trying to tell me something began.

It occurred to me that it might be the little girl in me that was trying to soften toward him again after he betrayed my trust for the 4th time in as many months. To an independent, perceptive, dominant woman in all other aspects of life, this shouldn't have been the epiphany that it was.

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