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Clear your mind and take a look at this free Tarot reading.

It might lit up your path, and allow you to see the right answers and decisions more clearly.

You have to make Clem and Amber friends again, convince two models to work together for your fashion shoot and check on Katy to make sure she's doing alright. This game introduces some new game mechanics (maps, objects, experience points). 2-Talk to her about the collaboration with Mila 2-Tell her that won't be a problem -Go to see Amber- --With Amber-- 1-It's Steve, open! But if you are struggling to even get to Amber you have to speak to Clem about it and persuade her to make up with Amber but when you first see her don't mention Amber on the first chat lines do it on the 2nd and then persuade her...

You have to finish it in different ways to see all the content. 1-I have to finish up here bur after I'll need to rush for the plane! The execution leaves you wondering whether you've found everything that you could have found. 01/03/2018 4 months ago Actually, you should take my hints, the game in itself is not really complicated after that (lots of checkpoints).

This free Tarot reading can show you what to expect regarding your love life, your health and your financial situation, and also what to expect from your loved ones.

On the Tarot Cards symbols influences from Greek rites, Gnocticism, Neoplatonism, Jewish cabal, Hermeticism, Cathar studies, ancient Arab and Indian philosophies can be seen. Nowadays, a Tarot Cards deck consist of 78 cards divided in two: Minor and Major Arcana.

The Arcana of the Tarot Cards have been used for self-knowledge and spiritual ascension, either through meditation or through the study of its messages. And since Medieval Times, Tarot Cards have been the most popular tool for Fortune Telling.

Every Tarot Card reading must be done within a proper environment, a calm place and with a relaxed mind, there are different ways to spread the cards and it may vary according to the psychic’s style or the answer they are looking for. Enjoy our Free Love Tarot Reading to have a better perspective of what is waiting for you in the future.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below. Last but not least, a bonus game with hardcore content will be released in 3 days. It's clear that you have to choose between reconciling Amber and Clem, but it's not clear that you've successfully done so. But you can't have a full run in this game, you must chose a path (or I missed something) many001 01/03/2018 4 months ago awesome! I like the multiple paths (though its bloody frustrating as well that you have to choose between Katy and Clem.. Look forward to the bonus episode rca1031 01/03/2018 4 months ago For some reason no matter how many different ways you try to do it you end up at a dead end.

mimirct3 01/15/2018 4 months ago To have 220 points --At home-- -Go to Kitchen- -Go to Bathroom- -Go to Office- --At the office-- Sit down at your desk Click on the PC screen Open your emails Turn off the computer and stay on the desk Click on the phone Call a taxi -Go to studio- --At the studio-- 2-Ask her to go see Mila Knock on the door (Do not look through the lock) --With Mila-- 2-Introduce yourself 1-Talk to her 1-Tell her you find her very attractive 2-Talk to her about the photo shoot 1-Ask her to elaborate 1-Tell her to show you 2-Yes 2-Tell her you don't mind at all -Return to your appart- --At your Home-- -Go to the office- --At the office-- Sit down at your desk Click on the phone Call Katy --With Katy-- No choice 3-Oh yeah, and what were you doing? There is no way for you to retrieve the watch and the game just ends cause it automatically sends you home.

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