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Buffon's Needle is a technique that uses the probability of throwing a needle onto a grid where the grid is spaced at the length of the needle. There is mathematics behind this and I am not even going and try and explain why this works, but for those interested, you can read about it here. Obviously this was crying out for an Excel implementation. Sub Draw Dogs(x1, y1, x2, y2, Hotdog Color)'Draw Hotdog Active Sheet. Add Connector(mso Connector Straight, x1, y1, x2, y2).

The YOffset is first subtracted to normalise the data . The individual hotdog status as Red (touches a gridline) or Green (sits between gridlines)2. To ensure the grid is correctly calibrated a small piece of VBA is used to setup the Row sizes It only need to be used once on a PC or after people change the view zoom or row /column sizes etc, just to make sure everything is setup correctly. Screen Updating = False'Cleanup old hotdogs Clean Up'Setup the Throw Sheet Columns("A: A"). Sub Setup()Const Hot Dog Length As Double = 49.5Worksheets("Throw"). This allows for space above/below for inputs, controls and stats. But in Excel 2010 using a standard Calibri Font, I could only get an odd 49.5 pts Row Spacing (66 pixels). Close enough and I can use that as a variable in VBA when I check the hotdogs location, more on this later.

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Recently I started teaching my 10 year old son about Pi, its relationship to Circles, how and what Pi can be used for and some methods to determine its value. Cells(cross, 2) = i Hotdog Color = RGB(255, 0, 0) 'Red Worksheets("Results"). Draw the Hotdog Once the code has determined if the Hotdog is a Red(Crosses a gridline) or Green (Is between the gridlines) we can draw the hotdog.

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