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His "Age of Ambition" is by far the most thoughtful and well-crafted work on China written by an American journalist in recent years.

What sets it apart from other reportage on China is the combination of fascinating storytelling, elegant writing, ingenious contextualization and deep insights.

James Farrer, a sociologist at Sophia University, in Tokyo, who studies Chinese dating habits, calls this phenomenon “a bubble in the marriage market.” New Chinese terms have cropped up: a man without a house, a car, and a nest egg is a “triple without.” If he gets married, it’s a “naked wedding.”,” Osnos writes A comparative look at European vs Chinese love stories: “Love stories didn’t become popular in China until the twentieth century, after European novels inspired a genre called “butterfly romance,” in which the lovers all “weep a great deal,” according to Haiyan Lee, at Stanford. While European protagonists occasionally found happiness, Chinese lovers succumbed to forces beyond their control: meddling parents, disease, a miscommunication.

It turns out that the collision of love, money, and choice has been bewildering for all involved.

I came to the subject of online dating after noticing, among Chinese friends in Beijing, the proliferation of choices of all kinds, none more specific and personal than the choice of someone else. The tablet edition has additional features, including an English translation of the questionnaire administered by China’s leading dating service.)Among the interesting sources I encountered is one, in particular, that seems to confirm that there is no longer any topic that has escaped the attention of researchers somewhere at some point or another: The scholars Fred Rothbaum and Bill Yuk-Piu Tsang, in the mid-nineties, dissected the lyrics of eighty Chinese and American pop songs to map the subtle differences in the way that songwriters in each language defined love and its consequences.

There’s an old Chinese adage: “If you’ve been in China for a day, you feel you can write a book. For a year, you feel like you can’t write anything at all, because you start to realize how much you don’t know,” says Evan Osnos, author of for what may currently be the world’s foremost potential superpower.

It’s a meteoric rise provoking admiration and concern from the current superpower (i.e., the U. “I’m struck by the fact that China is now a part of our focus in the U. in ways that it wasn’t in the past, and not always in a positive light,” says Osnos.

“Sometimes China can feel threatening to us, and it can feel oddly like they’re doing us better than we do us.

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