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Look the other way for “the precious.” As is typical in modern day hip hop, yet another Black male artist has released an angry violent diatribe against another Black woman. Now I might get the timeline wrong because I’m allergic to HOOD MESS, but from what i could skim from my tangential connections to “Black Twitter”, man CHILD Budden took his gripes to Twitter where he DM’d ( direct messaged-private messaged) with the man Ms Baxter allegedly “cheated on” him with. This HOOD MESS went to new levels of ghoulishness when a blog posted a picture of a bloody fetus which apparently was evidence that police collected from Ms. [..] I went to the hospital and that’s when I found out I lost my daughter.“I didn’t want this to go public.Not surprising because the entire genre of hip hop is dominated by those celebrating violence against women, rape culture, exploitation, and an attempt to establish some semblance of masculinity through misogyny. Baxter after she alleges that the abuse she suffered at the hands of Mr. Ms Baxter also outlined the extent of the alleged abuse, a recount that most of Black Twitter dismissed and the mainstream media extending interviews to Mr. It was already embarrassing enough that this has happened to me.Because these predatory abusers target women like Ms.Baxter for a reason, because they know we’ll let them.And yes, Mommie Dearest, Twitta will be implicated in the fall of humanity.I got all caught up in this and neglected to say how I completely agree with this, and I've read it a couple of times and shared with a few friends--SELECTIVELY because any time my lips part to say anything about this subject, I become a hater.

You choose the wrong guy and he beats the crap out of you... Hence our use of the term “Perfect Black Girl Victim.” Any Black girl that doesn’t meet PBGV status is not entitled to any sympathy from the community.

Black men and women of conscience should stand up and condemn any SORRY man that is dragging a woman out of a room by her ankles and sitting on her stomach causing alleged involuntary terminations of pregnancies, and is up on Twitta’ threatening his ex girlfriend and telling those close to her to get her to shut up or else.

We also need to condemn every blog, radio station and mainstream media publication that gives Mr.

Budden a platform to continue to abuse his alleged victim and mock accusations that he beats the hell out of every woman he’s been in a relationship with.

She’s private, I tried to be private, nobody has to know anything and it was killing me, it was destroying me inside.

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