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he said that there was a new club and took me there.

Frenchy's 1 in Puerto Nuevo and we also went to Frenchy's 2 in Santurce which was even better.

Found some serious action @ Lucky 7's as some previous reviews stated. As usual it all depends on the girl and how much alcohol you have consumed. Ask a taxi driver, they still know where the little amount of action is.

We made some small talk while we out our clothes back on and she sent me on my way.

It is great a definitely better choice kid in a candy factory trick or treat. I asked the cab driver to take me to some good spots and he took me to about three places. The girls here were not that hot face-wise, but their bodies were thick and they all had J-Lo booties! 100 dollars for the room and girl, condom included. BW, Ying Yang, Alternative Masssage, Golden Touch.... Everything there is designed to take money off you. I finally had to push things and it only lasted a very short time. Just wanted to let you know that the place is still up and running.

Your preference again keep a cab drivers number to arrange your pick up atmosphere very intimidating dark very uneasy, pretty girls but rough around the edges. A lap dance bucks, but the bouncer there was the best I had to tip that guy a bald head dark Hispanic guy morena the guy told me straight up 160 here one shot deal you cum your done or 60 bucks you can take any girl out of here.

He stated he wanted to help me out which we negotiated he brought drinks up & brought women to sit and talk if you did not like her, he said check this one out!!! Total of 5 for a 5 minute FS session and 1 hour of chat. Probably could have skipped the massage and gone right for the hand job but it was my first time and I didn't know how things were supposed to go.

Over the years I've visited my share of massage parlors, and I do recommend this place very highly. The older ones will come right up to you and grab your dick and start rubbing, there the prices are much cheaper room rate went up .00 and 0.00 for the service total 5.00 one condom one shot deal so you cum your done .

Well just came back everything you read about Lucky Seven is TRUE !!! The older women charge .00 a 1/2 rate plus room. The girls are much much hotter better atmosphere they are to the point so it is, what it is.

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