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The Powershell script below loops through all of the sites in the Site Collection, then through all of the lists in each site, and fixes the Editor column where it’s got issues.(I was very careful to do this in a snapshot of a VM because messing with the Modified By column could be catastrophic.) Caution proved wise, as each time I tried to update the Modified By schema, the Site Column management pages (_layouts/and _layouts/fldedit.aspx) no longer worked properly.$site URL = " $site = Get-SPSite($site URL) $errors = 0 $this Web Num = 0 foreach($web in $site.

Schema XML -replace ' Secondary Field Wss Names="0"','' $f.I tried for a while to get the SOAP operation Update Columns to work in a test environment.Get Field By Internal Name("Editor") write-host "BEFORE field at " $w.Lesson learnt: Read the SDK first and then search on the Internet.For some reason, results from SDK do not end up high in search results on Google or Live.

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