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No one curl up on the couch with and enjoy Lord of the Rings with a cup of tea and some cookies.

No one to open their bag at work to discover someone has snuck some brownies into it.

I'm a quirky guy with a pretty varied sense of humor, from goofy to crude as fuck, who studies music composition, theatre, and criminal justice, and in case it matters a lot I'm an INFP Taurus (a bit oxymoronical, eh? In my free time I play video games (what a surprise, right?

), piano, sing, watch cartoons, Law and Order (original and CI, can't stand SVU), anime, practice accents and impersonations, belt out entire musicals while washing dishes, and generally nerd out about a lot of things, haha.

little bit about me: 24, got tattoos, work in a greenhouse, never have free time, literally tonight’s my only free night of the week so i’m drinking bud light (don’t judge) i love the office, weeds, and parks and rec. i teach golf lessons so hmu I’m a 20 year old Irish law student just after finishing my second year.

Looking for new people to get to know either male or female doesn’t matter which.

If you're interested, I prefer to talk over Discord or Kik. I don‘t really care about age, as long as we can have a great conversation.I can talk about just about anything for a long time, be it serious or something totally ridiculous(say birds eating ice cream) I can really go off on things I enjoy and am passionate about, like music (I like all kinds, especially older rock and alt/indie), art, swimming, reading and watching TV (Drama and sci fi), playing video games...I just like to keep myself busy, sitting around all day makes me feel useless. My favorite day to day thing to do is take off in my Jeep and go for a nice long drive and/or hike in the mountains.Comment or Pm me if you’re interested in chatting Moving through the hallway the aromas from a plethora of baked goods permeates every nook and cranny.The labours of an afternoon sit cooling on a series of wire racks, cookies of many types, scones of many flavours and a cake waiting to be decorated.

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Ideally, you'd be down to have fun with us in most of the above activities and this would be an ongoing friendship type thing.

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