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They’re less concerned about religious or family approval, and there’s less shaming around sex.If you’re at an intermediate or advanced level in game, the USA can actually be EASIER to get one night stands or “same night lays”.(One caveat: that is, if the narrow ethnic look of that city suits you.If you don’t like pale skinned, waif-like brunettes, you won’t like it no matter what). girls, and in most richer countries in general, there’s a larger gap between the ugly girls and the prettiest girls.Freakish body proportions, like big breasts, is more common in the U. So whereas in an Eastern European city, all the girls tend to look like sister clones, heavily weighted toward an average homogenous look, in the U. you’ll find a lot more freakish-hot genetic outliers. If you’re talking about the average girl walking down the street, Eastern Europe has a definite edge in hotness.You can easily find more “7’s and 8’s” in Eastern Europe.Be sure to click through the gallery to view maps of each country individually.Specifically, I mean women from cities like Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia and Krakow, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine. The lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of Eastern European girls are hotter and more attractive than the lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of American girls.

Mountains of crap in every aisle And to get around most cities and towns, having a car is absolutely mandatory, which allows a person to live a 100% sedentary lifestyle. If you want a chest heavy girl, you’re completely out of luck. S., you can find almost every sort of body type and every sort of ethnicity.

Eastern European girls often eat local veggies- not out of choice, out of economic necessity. This is simply NOT possible for the vast majority of Eastern European girls. attracts top intellectual talent from other countries (brain drain), it also attracts top beauty talent. from all over the world, and there is crazy genetic variety.

Also, most girls can’t afford their own car, so they walk everywhere. Girls walk to school and work, and take public transit In the United States, even a girl making minimum wage could still afford to pig out DAILY on crap food. In the USA there’s cheap temptations on every street corner In the U. America’s wealth allows attracts the hottest girls from all over the world to move there. The United States also has far more genetic mixing than Eastern Europe. In an Eastern European city, all of the girls will look a bit similar – which can get boring pretty quickly.

These regional definitions vary somewhat from source to source.

It is also important to keep in mind that "Eastern Europe" is an overarching term for regions that may be more specifically classified as something else.

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