David ruffin tammi terrell dating

The incident underscored her naivete, but it also added to her reputation as a loose woman, despite her youth.The couple fought publicly many times after her discovery.

Though it has frequently been speculated that their relationship grew into a brief romance, this claim has been strongly refuted by those who knew them well.

It was later claimed that Ruffin hit Terrell with a hammer and came after her with a machete, but these claims were denied by Terrell’s family as well as others with the Motown label.

Her sister Ludie Montgomery, however, claimed that Ruffin hit Terrell on the side of her face with his motorcycle helmet, resulting the end of their relationship in 1967.

In 1962, while only 17, she signed with James Brown, and the two engaged in a highly publicized sexual relationship.

Her involvement with Brown resulted in her allegedly being abused by him repeatedly.

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