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For those in cross-cultural relationships, they have the added worry about their post-Peace Corps future and how that impacts the longevity of the relationship.However, their experience allows them to discover new ways to express love, and have someone by their side to help during tough times.Almost universally, volunteers struggle with loneliness and crave affection much more than they would otherwise.On top of that, many of our local counterparts find it strange that we might not yet be married.

Many married volunteers have written about the advantages, from Botswana to Jamaica.

Their road is not easy, and it makes me smile seeing love develop despite the odds.

——————- It seems to me that no one has an easier path than the next volunteer; each option has great benefits and great challenges…with or without your till not able to walk at all nor can I stand for more than 10 minutes at a time, but that is a big improvement from where I was three weeks ago.

Thanks for sticking with me during my injury-induced interlude.

Everyone’s words of encouragement have really kept my spirits up. This week we will return to business as usual with part two of the Valentine’s Day piece.

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