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We get an update on where they are now and what’s changed since the show. Amy & Chris return from their trip and attend a launch party for Matt's children's book that he dedicates to Zach & Tori's son. 11 years later, Melissa has lost 500lbs and saw her weight drop to 137lbs.

Now facing marital problems, three pregnancies, and life as a single mom, Melissa is struggling with a 150lb weight gain. Autumn wants to make up for lost time with her only son, but the excess skin from major weight loss is holding her back.

Love is in the air at the Abrams', leaving seven year old Jaxon with many questions. Pedro is forced to spend time with Chantel's family. She lost the weight, but the skin is a cruel reminder of her trauma.

Bobbie Jo's excitement to welcome new members to the family leaves the rest of the family, and the town, scratching their heads. Jannet's excess skin is keeping her from meeting a life partner.

Having navigated through the K-1 “fiancé visa” process, the couples are now married, but quickly realize that the honeymoon is over as real life sets in.

Each couple has a quick dose of reality and drama unfolds when married life in America doesn't live up to their expectations.

Whether inspiring, courageous, or tragic, what’s discovered is sure to change each participant’s life forever. Megan Mullally explores a shocking pattern of dysfunction in her father's line.Adam and Danielle Busby defy all odds by giving birth to the first set of all girl quintuplets in the US.After four months in the NICU, the quints come home and along with four-year-old sister Blayke, turn Adam and Danielle's lives upside down.As Matt struggles to get everything set for Pumpkin Season, Jeremy & Zach juggle their duties as fathers with their farm responsibilities.Tensions rise when Amy negotiates selling her baked goods at the farm & the new pirate ship may be a money pit.

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