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City Councillor Michael Thompson is glad to see the clubs go.“In 2017, I don’t think that women need to be involved in these kinds of facilities as their only option,” says Thompson, chairman of the city’s economic development committee. (He visited one himself “many, many, many years” ago.) With Toronto’s sky-high real estate values, strip clubs “don’t offer the highest and best use for landlords and even some of the owners,” he says.Demand for homes downtown and for the retailers that serve them is Zanzibar Tavern.The former divorce lawyer says he has been approached by at least 30 suitors for his property in the past few years but is holding out for a “blow my socks off” offer.

An 80-story luxury tower is under construction following a C5 million deal for less than 1 acre, according to data from Altus.

And Caddy’s, in the city’s east end, is part of a land deal being marketed now.

Toronto’s dirty dozen may soon be whittled down to two or three.

Today there are about 20 development applications for condos and commercial buildings on the stretch.

Club owners say the client mix has changed, even since the ’90s, with more women who come in groups or with partners.

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