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an entry visa to the Russian Federation provided that: 1) The stay of the cruise ship in the Russian port will not exceed 72 hours (excluding cases of force-majeure when the ship is being repaired or by other reasons beyond control cannot leave the Russian port); 2) Passengers are staying on board the ship at nights; 3) Passengers are only allowed to visit territories, defined by the group tourist program; 4) To leave the board of the ship without an entry visa to the Russian Federationforeign citizen must be included in the list of passengers, allowed to do so.

Such a list is provided by the captain of the cruise ship 72 hours in advance of the entry to the Russian port.

Surrounded by the gentle, translucent waters of the Bahamas chain lies the secluded island of Coco Cay®, an eco-certified private destination.

When entering Russia with a tourist visa, you could be also asked to present your tourist confirmation, voucher and a return ticket with a fixed date of departure from Russia.

You must also prove that you have sufficient funds for your trip.

The invitation must be signed and sealed by authorized persons.

Private for the relatives (husband, wife, minor child) of the Russian Citizen who has residency in the Kingdom of Bahrain If your wife or husband is a Russian Citizen with valid Russian Foreign Passport and Bahraini residency and you intend to travel to Russia she\he may submit special application to the Consular Section to issue Private Visa for you or (and) your joint minor child.

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